Seven Easy Interior Design Tips 

There are so many rules and guides to interior design and it seems that everybody has a different opinion when it comes to interior desibg tips. 

We think you’ll agree it can be a little overwhelming when decorating so to make it easier for you, we’ve rounded up seven interior designs tips that are easy to put in place. 


Interior Design Tips #1 – Use rugs

Rugs are a super easy way to add personality and a sense of cosiness to any room. They also help to show designated areas and create separation in open-plan spaces such as dining rooms and lounges.

Adding a rug to a hallway is an easy and quick way to add some charm, it also adds a visual pathway to bedrooms it can look very stylish. 

If you have bare floors with no carpet, rugs can help to absorb sound giving you improved acoustics as well adding a sense of warmth and comfort that bare floors can’t provide. 

Interior Design Tips

Interior Design Tips #2 – Extra lighting

If you have some rooms in your home that are a little dark, you can simply add brighter light bulbs to lighten up the area and create more warmth. 

Adding extra light with a statement lamp will add style and more ambiance – it’s a win-win!

Even the addition of some bright, vibrant artwork can enhance the mood or look in a dark room if you don’t have space for lamps and brighter bulbs don’t quite cut it. 



Interior Design Tips

Interior Design Tips #3 – Use texture

Adding different textures to a space to create more dimension and visual weight can be easily done using cushions, throws and plants.

Textures also impact the feel of a room.
Smooth textures reflect light and help to create a modern and cool look.
Course and soft textures absorb light and help to create feeling of warmth.

Textures should be selected to work with each other but shouldn’t be too similar. The aim is to achieve some contrast in textures to create visual interest.

Interior Design Tips

Interior Design Tips #4 – Add mirrors 

Mirrors help to create a sense of space and create more light, ideal for smaller rooms. 

Framed mirrors are great for creating the illusion of a window in rooms that doesn’t have any windows and tall mirrors can be used to draw the eyes up and create the feeling of a more spacious room. 

Adding mirrors to hallways can lighten up the often dark space and give some visual impact that may not have been there otherwise.



Interior Design Tips

Interior Design Tips #5 – Artwork height

Hang your artwork at the right height – not too high. Too much space between furniture and artwork causes our eyes to rest on the empty space instead of the artwork.

You also want to make sure the art piece is the right size for the area you are putting it. If the artwork is too small it will look a little empty and again draw our eyes to the empty space. On the other hand, if the artwork is too big it will look imposing and may make the area look smaller than
it is. 

Interior Design Tips

Interior Design Tips #6 – Shelf styling

Mix up your book shelf by placing some books horizontally instead of vertically, add some green plants and add decorative items like vases to create a beautifully balanced shelf.

Avoid clutter on your shelves, you can use woven of fabric baskets to hide items and keep your shelf tidy. The less items on your shelf, the more impact the items in view will have.

Interior Design Tips

Interior Design Tips #7 – Use a colour theme

Are you unsure of what colour theme to use for your renovation or new build? A safe colour scheme when choosing colours is to use a colour ratio of 60% dominant colour, 30% secondary colour and 10% accent colour. 

A safe option for choosing colours is to choose colours that reflect your personality. A good idea to start choosing colours is to look at the colour of the clothes you wear the most often. If you feel comfortable wearing a colour often, you’re likely to feel comfortable looking at it in your home everyday.

If you want to use trending colours, it may be best to use accessories with the trendy colours you like by using cushions, throws and canvas prints rather than painting walls as it will be easier and cheaper to update your accessories later than re-painting. 

Interior Design Tips

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