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Terms and Conditions:
1. Property must be signed for sale with Lime Real Estate Ltd on a 90-day Sole Agency Agreement between 1 August 2022 and 30 September 2022 on Lime Real Estate Ltd standard commission rate (3.75% on the first $400,000, 2.5% thereafter, $550.00 admin fee plus GST).
2. A minimum Vendor investment for marketing and advertising of the property is required to secure this promotion (minimum investment $1,114). Payment of the Vendor investment is due within seven days of issue of the invoice to the Vendor from Lime Real Estate.
3. Lime Real Estate Ltd also confirm they will invest $603.00 towards the marketing and advertising of the property.
4. Should the property be withdrawn by either party for any reason at any time, the full agreed Vendor investment will be due and payable immediately if payment has not already been received in full to Lime Real Estate Ltd.
5. Cashback will be in the form of a $3,000.00 deduction from the Commission invoice. Which is invoiced upon an accepted Sale and Purchase Agreement being processed and payable upon unconditional sale.
6. All other standard Terms and Conditions on the Lime Real Estate Residential and Lifestyle Real Estate Agency Agreement remain unchanged.

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