Securing your home Checklist:

Securing your home for the holidays can be done with a touch of festive flair!

Locks and Entry Points:

    • Channel your inner elf and double-check that all doors and windows are as tightly closed as Santa’s naughty list!


    • Illuminate your home like a holiday wonderland with twinkling lights. Consider motion-activated lights outside to surprise potential grinches.

Home Security System:

    • Transform your home into a high-tech holiday haven by activating your security system. It’s like giving your house a festive suit of armor!

Mail and Deliveries:

    • Enlist the help of a neighbour to play Santa and pick up your mail, ensuring that your doorstep remains as package-free as the North Pole.

Neighbours and Community:

    • Create your own version of Santa’s workshop by teaming up with neighbours for a festive neighbourhood watch. Share cookies and keep an eye out for each other.
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Social Media:

    • Keep the surprise alive! Save those delightful vacation pics for post-holiday sharing to keep your home sweet home safe and sound.

Timers for Electronics:

    • Set up a holiday light show with timers for your electronics. It’s like Santa’s workshop, but with fewer elves!

Secure Valuables:

    • Stash your treasures in a high-security “North Pole vault” (a.k.a. a safe) to keep them safe from Grinches and mischievous elves.

Heating and Electrical Appliances:

    • Ensure your home is cozy and safe by turning off appliances and setting your thermostat to a temperature that even Frosty would approve of.

Garage Security:

    • Lock up your garage tighter than the toy shop on Christmas Eve. Disconnect automatic garage door openers to keep out any mischievous elves.
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Emergency Contact Information:

    • Make a list (and check it twice!) of emergency contacts. Santa’s hotline might be busy, so have local authorities and your alarm company on speed dial.

Emergency Preparedness:

    • Ensure your home is as prepared as Rudolph for any unexpected surprises. Check smoke detectors and have a list of emergency contacts handy.

Secure Outdoor Items:

    • Lock up outdoor gear like you’re securing Santa’s sleigh. This will keep potential intruders from using your ladder for their own rooftop escapades.

Car Security:

    • Give your car a holiday makeover by ensuring it’s locked up tighter than a present from the big man himself. No peeking allowed!

Insurance Coverage:

    • Review your insurance policy to make sure it’s cozier than a cup of cocoa by the fire. Ensure your coverage is as solid as a snowman in January.
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A little holiday spirit can go a long way in making your
home secure and festive during this magical season!